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Review – Warwick RockBass Artist Line Adam Clayton Bass

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Review – Warwick RockBass Artist Line Adam Clayton Bass

Review - Warwick RockBass Artist Line Adam Clayton Bass

Review – Warwick RockBass Artist Line Adam Clayton Bass

What a great bass in the artist series from Warwick. Every bass player I know is familiar with Adam Clayton and U2, and now his signature bass is available from Warwick in the RockBass line.

Warwick doesn’t cut any corners with any of the basses in the RockBass line they offer. They are all built with great care and the highest quality, while being affordable and extremely reliable. The Adam Clayton Bass has an alder body with a bolt on 34” maple neck and 21-fret fingerboard with block inlays and jumbo frets. The neck feels like the old vintage P basses from years ago, giving it a vintage type vibe. The body style reminds me a little of the Warwick streamer body. The bass itself is well balanced.

A couple of features that really stood out on this bass, and is standard on any of the Warwick basses I have seen, is the adjustable nut and the 3-D bridge. The Warwick 3-D Bridge gives you the ability to adjust the height of the entire bridge itself, or each string individually with individual string saddle height adjustment, and allows you to adjust string spacing with locking screws, which keeps everything in place. I did work with the bridge for adjustment to my liking and it was real quick to get the setup that I prefer. The way that you can adjust the settings with the bridge, even down to string spacing, is a feature I haven’t seen on many other basses.

The tuners are angled just like you see on all Warwick basses and the resistance can be adjusted with a screwdriver. Another plus is the Warwick strap locks. The Warwick strap locks come with the strap locks for a strap, or they will work with the Dunlop strap locks if you already are using those. The P pickup is Seymour Duncan with MEC passive electronics and controls are volume, bass, and treble. The finish is a high polished crème-white with a black pickgaurd and all hardware is chrome. I had a lot of fun using this bass on a few gigs and was very comfortable with the tone it produced and it’s playability from the start.

Warwick has always made great quality instruments from all three lines of basses, be it custom, pro series, or RockBass. The Warwick RockBass Artist Line Adam Clayton Bass fits right in. This bass is a lot of fun to play and will give you many years of cool grooves and with a street price of $799.99, you can’t go wrong!

Check out this bass on the Warwick website or at a music retailer near you!


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