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Coffee Break Grooves – Smooth Backing Tracks For Bass Players


Coffee Break Grooves – Smooth Backing Tracks For Bass Players

Coffee Break Grooves – Smooth Backing Tracks For Bass Players

Coffee Break Grooves – Smooth Backing Tracks For Bass Players…

Over the past five years Coffee Break Grooves has been quietly establishing a reputation for supplying top quality backing tracks for musicians across a variety of instruments. Last year, the company released a series of backing tracks geared specifically to bass players, as well as versions for drummers, both of which are remixed specifically for those instruments. And the result is surprisingly good!

First impressions
The first thing that hits you when you visit is how well laid out the site is compared to some of the more amateurish alternatives. I’m personally not 100% sure about white text on black, but that aside, it’s great to be able to clearly see different genres in an instant, and what’s more to be able to sample the catalog of albums and tracks with just a couple of mouse clicks. Kudos to the design team.

Before we go on, I should explain that the site focusses on the more laid back stuff, so you won’t find any thrash metal or rock. What you do get is a collection of polished original tracks – no covers – which are impeccably recorded and run for an impressive 15 minutes each. Definitely long enough to get into the flow of the groove.

The lack of instantly recognisable tracks from famous names may put some people off, but I found it quite refreshing to be able to listen to fresh new grooves like this, especially since many of them are genuinely catchy enough to inspire some great jams. You can see what I mean by checking out the video below.

The bottom line
The site also offers free and premium video lessons, although for some strange reason there are no bass (or drum) versions in the catalog. I understand that the company intends to add bass lessons as soon as they find some suitable instructors, so get your applications in now guys, while the opportunity is still hot. I didn’t get the chance to try out any of the premium lessons, but if they’re like the free ones, they’re pretty cool. No fluff or filler, just some straight up guidance on how to improve your playing skills, lick by lick.

Coffee Break Grooves offers up a unique selection of very cool tracks, ranging from blues to Smooth Jazz, Funk, Reggae and beyond, so it’s great to see the specific addition of a selection for bassists in particular. You’ll have to go somewhere else if you’re looking for Bon Jovi or REM, but if you’re a lover of the ‘groove’ in all its glory, then this is definitely the place to visit. The individual tracks cost $3.75 each, and you can buy full 8 track albums at $18.99. My tip is to subscribe to their newsletter because they regularly offer discounts and special offers across their catalog.

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