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Review – D’Addario NYXL Bass Strings

Review - D’Addario NYXL Bass Strings

Review – D’Addario NYXL Bass Strings

The D’Addario brand has been receiving a lot of high praise for their NYXL line of guitar strings. The company has been trying to innovate the string game with a two-fold process to re-design the way we feel and hear their newest line.

First, we’ve incorporated our high-carbon NY steel core for improved tuning stability and increased string life.

Second, our exclusive reformulated nickel-plated steel wrap wire provides amazingly comfortable feel and increased magnetic permeability for a more dynamic tonal response”

The responses upon the launch of the guitar line were overwhelmingly positive and got a lot of praise for its tonal characteristics, feel, and sleek packaging design, which is a new departure from the brands usual fare. It was almost an inevitability that a bass line would be expected once the NYXL name got out there.

Review - D’Addario NYXL Bass Strings2I was in Los Angeles for a gig when D’Addario rep Jay Terrien turned me unto a sample pack of a 5-string set with a gauge of 40-130. I was immediately attracted to the sleek “Kylo Ren” style black and silver satin packaging that I have to admit was very attractive. The bass of choice for the strings was my Brubaker Brute 5-string active bass with a bolt-on maple neck, 2 band-active preamp, maple fingerboard, alder body, and a single coil/humbucker configuration. The pickup configuration on the bass would allow me to access a variety of playing styles to really test the flexibility of the strings feel and tone.

I took the bass out for a few GB gigs, and utilized it exclusively for my bass lesson series over the course of 5 weeks of heavy-duty usage in a wide variety of styles.

SUMMARY: The strings delivered spectacularly. The combination of the nickel’s smooth feel and the steel cores dynamic response was the best of both worlds. From GB gig music, Prog, R&B, Metal to Funk, the strings were able to let me get as dark or as bright as I possibly needed. I was amazed at how the tension allowed me to feel incredibly comfortable regardless of how technical or pocket the parts I was playing, whether it was live or recording at home.

Below are some samples from my bass tips series that showcase the spectrum of tones I was able to cover with the strings.

All in all I highly recommend the new NYXL D’Addario line with the highest regards. The strings stayed bright through 5 weeks of brutal punishment, and delivered in every style I needed it to perform under with optimal tension and the brightness I need. I hit and abuse my strings like a madman and usually eat strings alive. Fingerstyle, pickstyle or slapping it fit perfectly.



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