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Barefaced One10 Generation 3 Bass Cab Review

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Barefaced One10 Generation 3 Bass Cab Review

Barefaced One10 Generation 3 Bass Cab Review

Barefaced One10 Generation 3 Bass Cab Review

They say good things come in small packages; well then the Barefaced One10 Generation 3 Bass Cab is a great thing that comes in a small package. I don’t have schematics on the build of these, but I can tell you that these are the lightest and most powerful cabinets that cover the full range of the sound spectrum from a low B to the highest note of a 6 or 7 string bass that I have ever come across in many years of gigging. One10 is great for practicing at home, and then pair it with another for the live gig, that is, if you need to. It handles up to 250 Watts at 8 Ohms and if you are running it clean, can handle up to 500 Watts. I know, I used a pair of these on a rock gig with a 1000-watt head with no issues.

The Barefaced One10 made me rethink my setup from the speaker side of it. I have not played though anything that comes close to what these cabs can do, especially for the size, and not to mention the weight. The drivers for these, and all other Barefaced cabs, are designed by Barefaced and custom made by Eminence with a lightweight cone. The enclosure is their own design of a hybrid resonator, which gives you the fat lows, and the concentric midrange dome gives the best treble response I have heard in a long time. Compare the One10 with another 2-10 cab or 1-15 cab and you will be pleasantly surprised.

>Matthew Heath HarperMatthew Heath Harper – I have been using the Barefaced Big Baby II and the Big Twin II for a year on well over 100 gigs. From tiny smoky bars to large outdoor festivals, and even recording in the studio, they are the most transparent and accurate cabs that I have found. Matthew Heath Harper-2Despite a hard life on the road they are holding up perfectly, and are so light that even singers will carry them. These cabs tell the truth every time, with tons of output, even on the B-string. Visit online at

The Barefaced One10 Generation 3 Bass Cab is 15 high x 11.5 wide x 11” deep and weighs in around 16 lbs. It is bottom ported, or side ported, depending on which way you set them up. They have a carry handle, and covers are available for purchase from Roqsolid. Inputs are speakon, of which there are two, and they also accept 1/4” jacks. There are “legs’ so you can choose which position you want to use them. The One10 sounds good quiet or cranked up, giving you what you need to get the job done.

Rethink what your setup sounds like now, and give the Barefaced One10 Generation 3 Bass Cab a try, I can guarantee you will not only feel, but hear the difference! Check the One10 out online, along with the complete line of Barefaced cabs at

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