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Horn Slicka Bass Transcription


Horn Slicka Bass Transcription

Horn Slicka-Josh NeedlemanHorn Slicka Bass Transcription…

“Horn Slicka” is a tune I wrote immediately after the 2014 Bass Player Live! event in Los Angeles.  I came home very inspired by the many thumb masters I encountered there.  Other than the bridge which I wrote much later on, the verse and chorus came together in a very short time.  The issue was executing the piece which took me a year to pull off!  Between the slapping, double thumb, and delicate pops, I had my work cut out for me. I never pluck a note in the entire piece.  Here is the first verse transcribed.

Click to Download Horn Slicka – Verse 1

I have included a close up video of the verse as well.  I hope you enjoy my latest creation.  Paul Hanson adds some beautiful jazz bassoon playing later in the song.   I intend to continue the transcriptions and videos in future columns.

You can download the entire song in a hi resolution WAV file format via PayPal at this link:

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