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Some Velvet Morning to Release 12 Singles in 2016

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Some Velvet Morning to Release 12 Singles in 2016

Some Velvet Morning to Release 12 Singles in 2016

Some Velvet Morning to Release 12 Singles in 2016…

Some Velvet Morning are a British pop trio founded by brothers, Desmond & Gavin Lambert, as well as drummer Rob Flanagan in a London garden shed. Their humble beginnings were short-lived and they soon found themselves working with producer Rik Simpson (Coldplay) and then having two radio hits in the UK, “Losing My Mind” and “Propaganda”. Following their early success, arguably their biggest anthem, “How To Start A Revolution,” was used in Matthew Vaughn’s international trailer for “Kick-Ass”.  This led to more film credits and laid the groundwork for a Crowdfunding campaign for their second album, “Allies,” that quickly reached 100,000 British Pounds.

Some Velvet Morning - No WallsTheir track record shows that their unique way of releasing material and existing as a band works. Rather than releasing an album in 2016 they thought it best to release 12 singles. January’s “Damocles” was a great choice for their first release, since 2012’s “Allies” – it’s a rock song that screams, “We’re Back”.

Some Velvet Morning - DamoclesThe February single, “No Walls”, shows how well they blended heavy rock-n-roll with pop. It’s ‘dancey’, fueled by a great bass line and catchy background vocals. It’s all the things we loved about Depeche Mode and Coldplay put together.

Starting 2016 with a bang they are playing London’s most iconic venue – the home of the iTunes awards and many more – The Roundhouse on March 4th to celebrate their year of singles.

Can’t wait for more!

SMV- No Walls 

SMV- Damocles 

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