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Ibanez SRSC805 “Cerro” 5 String Bass Review

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Ibanez SRSC805 “Cerro” 5 String Bass Review

Ibanez SRSC805 “Cerro” 5 String Bass Review

Ibanez SRSC805 “Cerro” 5 String Bass Review

Ibanez never ceases to amaze with the Ibanez Bass Workshop line. The most recent addition is the Ibanez SRSC805 “Cerro” 5 String Bass, which like all the basses in the Bass Workshop line, is a finely crafted high-end bass without the high-end price.

Ibanez has always made quality instruments and this model has all that and more. From being able to get some of the coolest tones for slap and finger style, to the sheer comfort in the way this bass is balanced and handles.

Being a single cutaway, the bass produces endless amounts of warm sustain which is also contributed to the tone woods. This made playing it on some gigs a lot of fun. The tone woods consist of a Mahogany body, Poplar Burl top with a neck-through 5 piece maple and purpleheart, topped off with a purpleheart 24 fret fingerboard with beautiful avalon oval inlays. All of the hardware is black and the electronics in the Ibanez SRSC805 “Cerro” 5 String Bass give you many endless tonal options. The electronics consist of an Ibanez custom 3 band EQ and controls are volume, balance, bass, mid, and treble.

There are two toggle switches, one being for mid range frequency selection between 250Hz, 700Hz, and 450Hz, and the other to bypass the EQ. When the EQ is bypassed, of course, the bass is in passive mode, and the treble control is used for passive tone control when the EQ is off. The 3 band EQ is powered by one 9volt battery that is very easily accessible.

The pickups are both Bartolini MK-1’s for the neck and bridge positions. The bridge is the Mono-rail V bride with 18mm string spacing. I am really fond of this bridge because each string has like it’s own little bridge, having separate saddles and adjustments, whereas common bridges are one-piece with saddles for each string. While they can be adjusted individually, I feel that the Mono-rail bridge gives you more of a true presence of the tone that the woods present. The factory string gauges are .045, .065, .085, .105, and .130 and standard tuning.

The Ibanez SRSC805 “Cerro” 5 String Bass is available in a Natural Flat and Deep twilight Flat finishes. Give the Ibanez SRSC805 “Cerro” 5 String Bass a test drive at your local Ibanez music retailer, you won’t be disappointed!

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