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A Tribute to Bassist Kenny Weydener

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A Tribute to Bassist Kenny Weydener

A Tribute to Bassist Kenny Widener

A Tribute to Bassist Kenny Widener…

03/03/2016 RIP

Bass Virtuoso/Composer Kenny Weydener began his musical journey at the tender age of 8, playing both standup bass and drums in the school orchestra and band. After playing guitar and drums for several years, he found his home on Electric Bass. Kenny played live and recorded with countless artists/bands in the Long Island and NYC area, including in 1988 to 1997 with Sylent Steele, JSK, Wild Kingdom, and Daddy. The core of these four bands are Sean Newbert (Guitarist), Jared Feldman (Drummer), and Kenny Weydener of course on Bass Guitar. This trio shared a dream while conquering the stages of Long Island and New York City. Eventually they took different paths to arrive to their musical destinies. This is a band of brothers that doesn’t break apart upon death. But rather, strengthens and revives the passion they once shared together. Kenny also played in NYC bands, including, “Beauty Feast”, and finalized his quest for stage stardom with another Long Island band called, “Shadow Eden”

Kenny independently released 3 solo CD’s. ‘Project One’, ‘Primal Sophistication’, and the self-titled ‘Kenny Weydener’, which have all received an abundance of positive press both nationally and internationally. An accomplished writer as well as a virtuoso on his primary instrument, he also used his audio engineering chops to bring his music to life via his home pro tools recording studio. Kenny had experience playing Bass on Broadway, had excellent sight reading skills and worked as an online session bassist laying down tracks for people all over the world. His playing and compositions can be heard on major tv/film networks in the USA, Central and South America, and Europe. As he continued writing and stretching the limits of the Electric Bass, Kenny Weydener accomplished endorsements with Spector Basses, Hartke Amplification, and Dean Markley Strings. Kenny was positively reviewed by numerous bass magazines including this one. He was truly a force to be reckoned with behind his bass as well as in every goal he attained. Kenny was discharged honorably from the United States Army where he served the Army Band. He was in the process of completing his degree in Music Education from Five Towns College and accomplished an excellent GPA, thus awarded into the Honor Society.

Kenny’s passion for music is heard through all of his works. Kenny was a humble man and although had bragging rights, you would never have known it. Kenny’s work can be found all over YouTube as well as in multiple music libraries. You can see some of Kenny’s work on

Aside from being an amazingly talented musician, Kenny was also a big brother to his triplet sisters and a loving and wonderful son, and friend to many. With Kenny, there was so much more than met the eye. Talent so astounding should never be forgotten. Help his family, bandmates and friends keep his memory and music alive by sharing Kenny through his Facebook and twitter accounts &

His music will remain with us forever, and his humble, and good nature shall never be forgotten.

Written by: Connie Sue Weydener-Alexander




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