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CD Review – Eponymous by The Bill Clements’ Axiom

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CD Review – Eponymous by The Bill Clements’ Axiom

CD Review - Eponymous by The Bill Clements AxiomCD Review – Eponymous by The Bill Clements’ Axiom…

Playing a musical instrument is challenging for everyone, it requires practice, passion and real commitment if you intend to perform with any level of competency. Now, It often seems that playing an instrument comes easily for some and harder for others, but here is where the passion can level the playing field. If you really want to do something bad enough, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Bill Clements is living proof of this concept. He plays an amazing bass with only his left hand.

We have seen Bill perform first hand at a couple of NAMM shows.

You can imagine how interested I was to hear The Bill Clements’ Axiom’s latest CD “EPonymous”!

This Michigan based band is comprised of:

Bill Clements         Electric Bass

Max Brown            Guitars

Jason Bryant         Drums

Here is  video of  the band in live performance…

The first thing I will mention is that this CD is a bit on the short side with only five tracks. That being said, all the songs are original compositions.  The band is tight and upbeat and the music stands on it’s own. The bass work is precise and Bill lays down a very solid groove without missing a beat.

My iTunes player (and CD Baby) places this CD in the Jazz Genre, but I would call it solid Prog Rock. I found links to the set list so you can hear for yourself.

Sadie Hawkins
Tough Guys Don’t Dance…Much

Well, there you have it! If you are in the mood for some solid Prog Rock this CD fit’s the ticket.

I look forward to hearing more from The Bill Clements’Axiom and I recommend that you add this CD to your collection.

Available at CD Baby

Follow the band at

Follow Bill online at

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