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PolyNome Offers Metronome for iOS


PolyNome Offers Metronome for iOS

PolyNome Offers Metronome for iOS

PolyNome Offers Metronome for iOS

Created by professional drummer and educator Joe Crabtree, PolyNome is a versatile and intuitive app for working with rhythm in practice or live performance settings. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, musicians now have a formidable tool that is simple enough for beginners but flexible enough to handle the demanding needs of the most advanced musicians.

The idea for PolyNome was born to give musicians a tool to improve their time and rhythmic understanding. PolyNome has evolved to re-invent the metronome becoming the go-to tool for drummers such as Virgil Donati, Chris Coleman, Peter Erskine and Dennis Chambers as well as many professional bass players, guitarists and pianists.

Version 2.2.1 introduces new features to make PolyNome even more powerful while simultaneously making it more intuitive and efficient.

New in-app video tutorials guide new users through the powerful features while an improved mixer adds sounds and independent volume control for the 16th and triplet subdivisions.
Automatic Voice Counting can count in any time signature while Big Numbers make it ideal for use in tutorial videos.

Key Features Include:

– Built in Presets with accompanying video tutorials to make learning easy.
– Ability to get install new Presets from the web and other users.
– Faders for 16th and Triplet partials for creating simple clicks quickly.
– 2 fully programmable drum machines with custom rhythms, sounds, and accents. These can be used simultaneously to easily hear polyrhythms.
– Super-fast tempo entry – essential for live performance.
– Count down/up timer for tracking practice time.
– Variable swing to get that “in the cracks” feel.
– A clean and attractive user-friendly interface that is easy to see in live show environments.

In-App Pro upgrade features include:

– Automatic and Advanced Voice Counting
– Save your work as Presets organised in the Preset Library with tagging and searching.
– Use the power of Playlists to create: Practice routines; Setlists for bands; Song structures with multiple time signatures and tempos; Routines with automatic tempo increase/decrease.
– Create Practice routines with automatic tempo changes. You can see in advance how long your routine will take on the Playlist Time row.
– Share your Presets/Playlists with friends/students/band-mates via email/iMessage/AirDrop.
– The Practice Log that tracks everything you play and gives you detailed graphs and statistics about what you’ve worked on.

PolyNome is an exceptional practice and gigging tool for all musicians.
PolyNome creator Joe Crabtree used PolyNome every night on tour with his band Wishbone Ash through multiple tours. Crabtree noted, “I wanted to put PolyNome through the rigors of the road as the ultimate test for skips or crashes. PolyNome performed flawlessly and the process allowed me to fine-tune the interface to make it as intuitive and efficient as possible.”

Users can find PolyNome at and on the App Store. New features and improvements are continuously being added.

A resource for music teachers is available at

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