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Marco Mendoza LTD MM-4FM Bass Review

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Marco Mendoza LTD MM-4FM Bass Review

Marco Mendoza LTD MM-4FM Bass Review

Marco Mendoza LTD MM-4FM Bass Review…

One of the latest signature releases from ESP is the Marco Mendoza LTD MM-4FM Bass 4 string bass. A beauty of a bass to look at, very eye-appealing, and extremely ear-appealing! I’m not sure if a bass can play itself, but right from the time I picked it up, it sure felt like it would. Taking the bass out on a 4 hour gig presented itself with nothing but comfort, tonal qualities, and sound. Here in Nashville, TN, it is not usual to play a 4 hour gig with no break, and having your gear as comfortable and reliable as possible is a must. As a standard 4 string 34” scale bass, something is different. The position of the bridge, a little closer to the heel of the bass than your standard 34” bass, even though only a 1/2” to 3/4” seems to make a huge difference in comfort and playability.

One thing I noticed is that it is missing a tone control. This left me a little concerned, but after hooking it up, I can see why the tone control is absent. It is not needed. Less interference in the signal path is always a good thing in order to get the purest tone possible. The LTD MM-4FM with it’s combination of tone woods produces a beautiful tone in collaboration with the EMGX P/J Pickup configuration; it features and alder body with a flamed maple top, five piece maple and walnut thin U contour neck with a 21 fret fingerboard.

The active EMG X P/J pickup configuration provides a great mid-range response and the balance control gives you tones very well suitable for all music genres. Along with the balance control, is of course, the volume control. All of the hardware is black. The bridge is manufactured by Gotoh and the tuners are Grover with a Hipshot Extender for the low E. The finish on the bass is a dark green sunburst that really shows of the beauty of the flamed maple top. Check out the Marco Mendoza LTD MM-4FM Bass at a music retailer near you!!!

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