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Jaime David Vazquez Bass Lines: “Loaded Gun”

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Jaime David Vazquez Bass Lines: “Loaded Gun”

Jaime David VazquezJaime David Vazquez Bass Lines: “Loaded Gun”…

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing!

Here I have the bassline that I recently recorded for Loud Music Entertaiment.  The song is called “Loaded Gun,” and this is a very good example of what a solid groove is all about.

The bassline is simple and locked with the drums.  So, let’s PLAY!

Song: “Loaded Gun”
Producer : Ali Ismail
Bass : Jaime David Vazquez – JDV
Vocals : Cornelius Friesenhan
Mix Engineer : Ali Ismail
@2016 Loud Music Entertainment Inc. & Warner/Chappell Music

Fig. 1 – Notice the interaction of the eight notes and the sixteenth notes with the tied note.  Here, the syncopation is the key for the groove.  As for the choice of the notes, I’m just playing with the chord tones.

Loaded Gun Fig.1

Fig. 2 –  In this example, I’m playing a pumpin’ eights groove, but I decided to add some interesting stuff to the rhythm by adding the rests, the octaves and the passing notes.

Loaded Gun Fig.2

Stay tuned for more Bass Lines in the next issue and keep in touch with #fullbassattack and #bassmusicianmag.  Thank you for all your support and feel free to comment.

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