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Review: Jonathan Moody – Music for our Hands

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Review: Jonathan Moody – Music for our Hands

Jon Moody Releases Music for our Hands

Review: Jonathan Moody – Music for our Hands…

Sometimes it is great to have a chance to listen to music that showcases your own beloved instrument, the bass. Jonathan Moody’s recent CD “Music for our Hands” is an excellent example of the simple beauty and grace of our chosen instrument.

This CD is all Jonathan and his bass. The seven tracks are his original tunes and they convey a sense of calm and peace that is tremendously soothing. The intricate details of the music are woven into a flow of notes and harmonies. They are complex yet simple, bright yet dark, deep yet accessible to all. I really enjoy the tone and clarity of Jonathan’s ‘bass voice’ and its profound sentiments.

Entirely instrumental, each track tells a story of its own that can appeal to people across the globe. There is a classical foundation to this music and the challenging progressions seem easy in his hands. Arpeggios, harmonics, chords, superb dynamics  and excellent technique provide solid evidence of Jonathan’s mastery of his craft.

If you find yourself inspired to play some of these tunes, Jonathan has made the transcriptions available to the general public on his website,

I don’t think I can do this CD any justice by trying to describe the tracks, you must hear it to grasp what I have experienced by listening. Here are a few of the tracks.

Exit 82

Tapping on the Window Sills 

When I Was Ten 

You should add this CD to your bass collection. I plan to enjoy it again and again, most likely when I am watching a sunset and enjoying a nice glass of wine. This music is a perfect compliment to the joy of living and the beautiful wonders around us.

Check out Jonathan’s website at

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