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Review – TC Electronic Wiretap Riff Recorder

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Review – TC Electronic Wiretap Riff Recorder

Review - TC Electronic Wiretap Riff Recorder

One of the newest and latest releases from TC Electronic is the Wiretap Riff Recorder. Ever get an idea in your head and start jamming, then a few hours or days later you wish you could remember what that riff was? Well, now you can have just the tool to help you capture those moments.

This little box is really surprising and easy to use, however, I do suggest you look at the quick start guide or go online to TC Electronic and spend a few minutes getting familiar with it.

Recording your riff or groove is real easy. Just engage the footswitch to start and stop recording. First off, it is true bypass, so your signal chain is not affected when it isn’t being used. Connections are simple, 1/4” in and out. One footswitch and a play button, which plays your most recent riff and doubles as a delete button when you hold it down, as well as ‘back’ and ‘next’ buttons to go through all of your riffs.

Not only will the Wiretap Riff Recorder record your riffs and store up to eight hours worth, I see this as a project pedal, building songs off of it, which is what it was intended for. But beyond that, you can record a bass groove into the recorder and then practice soloing over it.

All of your riffs can be stored on an iPhone or Android (app for Android available on Google Play) using the Wiretap app. Pairing is easy through Bluetooth. At the bottom of the wiretap app, scroll to settings and pair your iPhone or Android with the wiretap by holding down the back and next buttons together, then on your iPhone or Android, click on Got It!, and the TC Electronic Wiretap Riff Recorder is now paired.

From there, you can store the riff on your phone and either play it back on your phone, or use the WireTap App as a remote for the Wiretap Riff Recorder.  To store the riff on your phone, swipe from left to right on the riff and to delete a riff from your iPhone or the pedal, swipe right to left on the riff. You can even rename riffs, edit the riff, and put them into categories. Also, from your iPhone or Android, you can share the riffs with others via email and text.

The WireTap App can also record when you are away from the Wiretap Riff Recorder pedal, so now there is no reason to forget a riff or idea.

Check out the TC Electronic Wiretap Riff Recorder, the ultimate riff saving device, at a music retailer near you!

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