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BASS LINES by Jaime David Vazquez – “Grooving the Root”

Jaime David Vazquez

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing! Welcome to BASS LINES – “Grooving the Root.”

Can I groove only with the root? Of course, you can. This is the basic way of grooving with your bass. If you learn how to groove with the root at first, imagine what you can do when you add the chord tones, scalar tones, passing tones, etc.

Below I have some of many examples of how you can groove the root by simply using the different rhythmic variations.  All examples are in E.  After studying all of them, try to create your own new ideas.  Don’t be shy to experiment.

Ex. 1

Grooving the Root - Bass Lines - 1

Ex. 2

Grooving the Root - Bass Lines - 2

Ex. 3

Grooving the Root - Bass Lines - 3

Ex. 4

Grooving the Root - Bass Lines - 4

Ex. 5

Grooving the Root - Bass Lines - 5

Stay tuned for more great stuff in the next issue and keep in touch with #fullbassattack and #bassmusicianmag. Thank you for all your support and feel free to comment.

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