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Happy Birthday MicRamp!

Happy Birthday MicRamp

You may remember that we covered the The Evolution of Bass Ramps in our March 2014 issue. We checked in with Igor Saavedra about the MicRamp, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and here is what he had to say…

“This month it’s been 20 years since I made the 1st MicRamp prototype in 1996. Tears from emotion come to me when every year I see it more frequently loading basses from different luthiers around the world. I consider the MicRamp, the VST (my right hand technique) and the 8-String Bass my 3 main “non-musical” humble contributions to the bass scene. All those coming from a great country called South America and from one of its many beautiful provinces, Chile….”

If you missed it, you can also read Igor’s cover interview in Bass Musician Magazine’s 6th Anniversary: The Latin Bass Issue – August 2013

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