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Jaime David Vazquez Bass Lines: “The iGroove”

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing!

Here I have the bassline that I recently recorded for Hammer Tone Records.  The song is called “The iGroove.” This is a very good example of a syncopated solid groove.

The bassline is very syncopated and locked with the drums.  So, let’s GROOVE!

Song: “The iGroove”

Bass: Jaime David Vazquez – JDV

@2016 Hammer Tone Records

Fig. 1 – Section A: 


This is a 6×4 syncopated groove. Notice the use of staccato, pull-off, rests, etc. For the bass fills, I’m using the E Blues    Scale.

Fig. 2 – Section B: 


In this bassline, I’m using the octaves with staccato and rests to create a very tight groove. Check out the E Minor Pentatonic bass fill at the second measure.

Stay tuned for more Bass Lines in the next issue and keep in touch with #fullbassattack and #bassmusicianmag. Thank you for all your support and feel free to comment.

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