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Review – Gold Tone ME-Bass Micro 4-string Electric Bass

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Review – Gold Tone ME-Bass Micro 4-string Electric Bass


In the first I have seen of it’s kind, Gold Tone has released the Gold Tone ME-Bass Micro 4-string Electric Bass.

While some may think the micro basses are a novelty, let me be one of the first to say that they are far from that, especially this model. Gold Tone has taken the micro bass to the next level by actually developing one that uses either polymer or steel strings.

The ME-Bass Micro 4-string that came for the review was equipped with the steel strings. The strings are specifically made by LaBella and are flat wound, which gives you the sound close to that of a standard electric bass. The body and neck are Mahogany and the 24-fret fingerboard is rosewood. A piezo pickup is part of the bridge and it is fully adjustable for overall string height and intonation.

While the ME-Bass is a micro bass, it is a little larger than some of those you may be familiar with.

The scale is 23’’, which still keeps it small enough to be a micro bass, but just the right size to allow for proper fingering of all the notes, clear to the 24th fret. The electronics consist of volume and tone, and I was actually surprised at the differentiation that you can get from just the tone control, all the way from bright to just a little dark. All of the hardware from the knobs, tuners, and bridge are black.

I had a lot of fun reviewing this bass. Some of the things I noticed, especially with the steel strings, was a little bit of upright tone and snappiness. The bass, weighing in at around 5 lbs, makes it easy to use, especially for longer gigs where your back may need a little break.

The Gold Tone ME-Bass Micro 4-string Electric Bass would be good for anyone starting out, right up to the working pro.

I do know quite a few bassists that actually use micro basses on live gigs and are really amazed at what they can do. Gold Tone has made it easier for you to jump into the micro bass world with the release of the ME-Bass.

Check out the Gold Tone ME-Bass Micro 4-string Electric Bass at a music retailer near you!


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