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Yousician Adds Bass Guitar to Revolutionary Music Education Platform

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Yousician Adds Bass Guitar to Revolutionary Music Education Platform

Yousician® announced the release of bass guitar to its revolutionary music education platform, empowering even more people to learn to play an instrument, improve musical skills and unleash their creative potential.

After helping millions of users play or master the guitar, Yousician’s world-class curriculum, advanced gamified learning platform and customizable learning path have been extended today to bass guitar, and to piano and ukulele in the previous months. Now anyone with one of these popular instruments can begin their musical journey with meaningful courses and feedback for free with Yousician.

The Yousician platform works by listening to users play a real instrument through the microphone of a desktop or handheld device, and uses gamification to deliver real-time feedback on a musician’s accuracy and timing. This state-of-the-art audio processing combined with interactive courses is a reimagined take on music education, and is available on desktop, Android and iOS devices. The environment provides motivational content and challenges to keep users engaged.

Instrument-specific curricula for bass guitar, piano and ukulele targets the needs of both solo and band players. Yousician Bass focuses on improving rhythmic skills and navigating diverse musical genres necessary for any bass guitar player. For Piano, Yousician has developed customizable paths for learning standard notation, and encourages practice with both one- and two-handed techniques. Yousician Ukulele introduces an easily accessible instrument that is fun to play and builds a framework for learning other stringed instruments.

“Yousician is working to change the landscape of music education by listening to the needs of users and teachers in our community,” said Chris Thür, Yousician’s chief executive officer. “By adding these instruments to our platform we are fulfilling the requests of our community, and are three steps closer to realizing our vision of making musicality in the world as common as literacy.”

Since Yousician was launched in 2014, millions of beginner and experienced musicians have started quickly learning or expanding their skills on an instrument. Through the instruments available, 200 million songs have been practiced on the platform.

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