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10 Not So Standard Blues Forms Every Bassist Should Know


You’ve memorized the typical 12-bar blues chord changes, and may be wondering if that’s all there is to playing blues, especially as a bassist.

Although there are many tunes that follow the predictable 12-bar pattern, there are also plenty of blues standards that differ either a little or a lot. Some tunes use the same 1, 4, and 5 chords, but lengthen or shorten the 12-bar form. Other tunes maintain the 12-bar length and alter the chords.

All of these examples will likely come up if you are jamming with other blues musicians. Even though they may not be complex, any variation can be a challenge if the 12 bar form is deeply engraved in your mind and hands. Here are a few useful forms/songs to learn, that will come up over and over.

Click here to download 10 not so standard blues forms every bassist should know

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