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Make Your Own Music by Richard McCready

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Make Your Own Music by Richard McCready

Make Your Own Music by Richard McCready

make-your-own-music-by-richard-mccreadyMake Your Own Music by Richard McCready

An organized approach to creating music using modern technology: MAKE YOUR OWN MUSIC is a complete curriculum for both learning and teaching music technology, incorporating composition ideas, notation skills, and digital audio workstation proficiencies. Projects focus on the PreSonus Music Creation Suite. 154 pages.

Each chapter focuses on building musical and compositional knowledge using Notion and/or Studio One. The book is organized into easily digestible chapters that cover topics such as “Getting Started with Recording,” “Getting Started with Notion,” “Creating Electronic Music with Virtual Instruments in Studio One,” and “Mixing and Mastering in Studio One.” Each chapter contains three demonstrable skills that students can learn by working through self-paced projects, examples of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) problem-solving strategies from music technology history, and composition assignments with reproducible grading sheets for teachers.

Supporting materials can be accessed online. They round out the educational and instructional experience through video tutorials and printable documents.

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