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Alfred’s Couch Potato Workout for Guitar and Bass by Greg Horne

Alfred’s Couch Potato Workout for Guitar and Bass by Greg Horne

The Couch Potato Bass Workout book contains technique-building exercises you can do while watching TV.

Let’s face it—we all practice in front of the TV sometimes, so why not make the best of it? The Couch Potato Bass Workout is a fun, straightforward, no-frills approach to building bass technique, while watching your favorite TV show or just vegging out on the couch.

This is perfect for bassists of all levels and styles looking to develop speed, strength, and accuracy. Learn the proper posture for sitting on a couch while playing your instrument, how to practice without driving your couchmate crazy, basic finger mechanics, and even ways to work your flexors and extensors.

With tons of exercises and licks to develop your technique in astonishing ways, this book is your ticket to advancing as a  bassist—all while sitting on your couch!

The Couch Potato Bass Workout is available at BassBooks.com

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