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Andy Irvine 30 Beginner Bass Grooves You Must Know

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Andy Irvine 30 Beginner Bass Grooves You Must Know

Andy Irvine 30 Beginner Bass Grooves You Must Know

The second TrueFire release from Andy Irvine is the 30 Beginner Bass Grooves You Must Know.

Each lesson offers a description of the groove, and three different views from the right hand, left hand, and overall view of Andy playing the groove. Andy breaks down each lesson in great detail, explaining everything from the notes he is playing to the technique he is using. Each lesson has charts available in interactive GP5 or PTB tablature and also as a PDF. To use the GP5 or PTB charts you must install Guitar Tux, which at this time is only available for Windows. The PDF file will open on either Mac or Windows and contains clear notation and tab, along with tempo and chord changes. Each lesson also comes with a track to jam along with, features to slow down and speed up the lesson, loop feature for each lesson, different tuning options, and a metronome.

Not only does Andy explain everything about each groove, he states what is most important about each groove and things that beginners need to know. It is just as important to play notes as it is to leave space in the groove. Andy covers all of the essential grooves from 8th note grooves, broken feel, funk, Motown, blues, gospel, soul, bossa nova, jazz, disco, slap, metal, rock, drum and bass, jam band, and reggae. That covers the lessons for the 30 grooves, but wait, there is more! Andy has included some bonus grooves for punk and acid rock.

The way that Andy Irvine presents 30 Beginner Bass Grooves You Must Know is really exceptional, especially in this format; he leaves no stone unturned and provides a wealth of knowledge.

30 Beginner Bass Grooves You Must Know is available from TrueFire. Make sure to also check out Andy’s Bass Mechanics Crucial Groove and upcoming future releases, also available from TrueFire. Follow him online at

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