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BADASS “More Pain, More Gain” Release

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BADASS “More Pain, More Gain” Release

BADASS “More Pain, More Gain” Release

BADASS, a new band founded by bassist Alberto Rigoni, released BADASS “More Pain, More Gain and from the intro to the outro, is just, well yes, BADASS!

BADASS features Alberto Rigoni on bass, Titta Tani on vocals, Alessio “Lex” Tricarico on guitar, and Denis “Denzy” Novello on drums. It contains eleven tracks, with the intro and outro done exclusively by Alberto on bass.

From the title track “More Pain, More Gain”, Tiita’s vocals seem to have a flare of Ronnie James Dio, which really stands out for me, in a good way, and fits the music of the BADASS style… really tasteful progressive metal. Alberto can go from heavily distorted bass to clean bass, and his solos are plentiful and really excel for the genre. Alessio is a guitarist that really impresses me personally with his playing; nothing is overdone and his rhythm and leads are exceptional. Denis is solid on drums in all the tunes with the fills in all the right places.

Songs can go from heavy to light and change in a flash. It is refreshing to hear Alberto place tasty bass solos in a progressive metal environment and he does it so well. Whether it be a clean or distorted solo with harmonic overtones, with Alessio on guitar, they really compliment each other very well.

BADASS “More Pain, More Gain” track listing includes: “Intro”, “More Pain, More Gain”, Nightmares of My Youth”, “Royal Chains”, “Strong and United”, “ What We Need”, “One More Night”, “ Join Me”, “Redemption”, “Don’t Bother ME”, and “Outro”.

BADASS “More Pain, More Gain” is a great release and definitely should be part of your library. Hoping to hear a lot more in the future from BADASS!

Available for release on April 15, 2017 on Lion Music/Cargo records UK and you can pre-order the digipack CD from the BADASS website

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