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Jaime David Vazquez Bass Lines: “Jeremy” VS “No Excuses”

Jaime David Vazquez Bass Lines: “Jeremy” VS “No Excuses”

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing! Welcome to Groove Wars!

I hope that you can enjoy this and learn a lot about great BASS LINES!

This month, I have two songs that are a charting success, “Jeremy” and “No Excuses.” Both compositions are hit singles in the grunge/alternative rock music era. But notice that “No Excuses,” is more in the acoustic rock style. So, grab your bass and get ready for a Grunge Groove Battle.

Which one is the best?


Artist: Pearl Jam
Composer: Jeff Ament
Song: “Jeremy
Bass Player: Jeff Ament
Album: Ten (1991)


Artist: Alice in Chains
Composer: Jerry Cantrell
Song: “No Excuses
Bass Players: Mike Inez
Album: Jar Of Flies (1994)

Fig. 1 – The main groove for “Jeremy.”

Fig. 1 Jeremy

Fig. 2 – The main groove for “No Excuses.”

Fig. 2 No Excuses

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