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Review – Ibanez SRF706 Six String Fretless Bass

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Review – Ibanez SRF706 Six String Fretless Bass

Review – Ibanez SRF706 Six String Fretless Bass

Outstanding quality, tone, and playability are what the Ibanez SRF706 Six String Fretless Bass is all about.

I’ve played many fretless basses over the years and this one from the Ibanez Bass Workshop really stands out among the best. Not only is it very affordable in the mid price range, it also stands up against quite a few of the higher priced six string fretless basses on the market today.

One issue that has always been of concern among fretless players is the use of a rosewood fingerboard, however, most of us that play fretless also play upright basses, and the majority of those are also made with rosewood boards. In order to alleviate this concern, the Ibanez SRF706 sports the D’Addario chromes, which are very high quality flat wound strings and will leave no wear on the rosewood fingerboard.

The Ibanez SRF706 Six String Fretless Bass is constructed of a five-piece neck-though Maple and Bubinga neck with the body sporting Mahogany wings. The rosewood fretboard goes all the way to the neck pickup giving the equivalent of 30 frets. The rosewood fingerboard is lined with dots and fret lines on the top of the fingerboard. The combination of the tone woods and the eye-appealing brown burst finish really accent the SRF706 in the ‘looks’ department quite well.

The electronics consist of passive Bartolini MK-1 pickups for the neck and bridge positions and a 2 band EQ. In addition to the Bartolini pickups, an Aerosilk Piezo with 9-volt active tone control highlights the electronics. The Aerosilk Piezo also has individual level controls for each string. With this wide array of options, the tones that you can get from the Ibanez SRF706 are endless. One of my favorite settings is to combine the Aerosilk Piezo with the Bartolini pickups for a deep and rich dark tone. Each pickup has it’s own volume control with the Bartolini MK-1’s also having bass and treble controls. The Aerosilk Piezo has one control for tone.

All of the hardware is cosmo black. The Ibanez SRF706 is also available as a 4 string (SRF700) and 5 string (SRF705) models.

Check out the Ibanez SRF706 Six String Fretless Bass online or at an Ibanez music retailer near you!

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