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Review – TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger

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Review – TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger

Review – TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger

Beautiful tones abound can be produced with the TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger.

Everything from a subtle chorus effect to massive flange and everything in between can be accomplished. The Thunderstorm Flanger is well suited for both bass and guitar, especially while producing some classic Hendrix tones.

It is housed in an all metal casing, which makes it very sturdy and road ready. Four knobs control the amount of effect including rate, depth, manual, and feedback. Rate controls the speed, Depth controls the intensity from smooth to all out warped sounds, Manual controls the time, and Feedback controls the modulation, from very warm to all out massive flange.

To top it off, the  Thunderstorm Flanger is all analog circuitry with true bypass and a footswitch for on/off. It can be powered by a 9-volt battery or adapter.

This is a fun little pedal and I really like using it on gigs, even replacing my chorus pedal with it. It does great on any style of music giving me a little roundness on country tunes, or a little more extreme on some rock tunes.

Making adjustments was fairly quick and easy and it didn’t take long for me to get used to the controls to get the depth of modulation I was looking for.

Check out the TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger online at a music retailer near you!

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