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BASS LINES: Danza for Bass – “Recordando a mi Padre” 1st Movement

BASS LINES: Danza for Bass – “Recordando a mi Padre” 1st Movement

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing!

During these upcoming months I will be sharing with you the different movements of the beautiful Danza “Recordando a mi Padre.” This is the Danza for Bass written for me by the great danza composer Luciano Quiñones. It is a great honor for me that Luciano Quiñones considered my style of playing to compose this Danza for bass.” The composition is not a traditional danza, as it has jazz influences on it.

“Recordando a mi Padre,” is an innovative and pioneering dance in its class, where the bass is the main instrument that interprets the melody in its entirety. This masterful piece of music is rich in musicality and virtuosity.

Luciano Quiñones is an extraordinary Puerto Rican pianist and composer of multiple Danzas who have won many awards.

Fig. 1 – This is the First Movement of Five.

See you next month for the 2nd Movement in the next issue of BMM and keep in touch with #bassmusicianmag, #basslines, #groovewars, #fullbassattack, #jdv, #boricuabass and #groovemaniac. Thank you for all your support and feel free to comment. Keep GROOVING!

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