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The World’s First Piano-style Sustain Pedal for Bass and More

The World’s First Piano-style Sustain Pedal for Bass and More

GAMECHANGER AUDIO Introduces the PLUS Pedal…

PLUS Pedal is an exciting new effects unit that offers piano-style sustain and sostenuto functions for all types of melodic instruments, including woodwind, brass, string and bowed instruments, and, of course, guitars and bass.

The concept for PLUS Pedal was introduced at the 2017 Winter NAMM Show by GAMECHANGER AUDIO and, with its potent mix of innovation, bold design, and real playability, it instantly won the hearts of many journalists, artists and countless online supporters.

Here’s a brilliant clip with the guys from That Pedal Show – notice the look on Dan’s face:


Here’s What Makes PLUS Pedal so Awesome

The PLUS Pedal is not a looper, nor a delay or a reverb pedal – it is a whole new type of effect based on a new, patented algorithm called Real-Time Sampling.

Real-Time Sampling records your instrument as you play and lets you selectively stretch out any note/chord into a continuous loop, using just the original signal from your instrument.

The result is an incredibly warm and super realistic sound that is also responsive to vibrato, bends and all types of harmonics.

This “stretching machine” enables you to create impossible voice-leading arrangements and switch to playing lead melodies on top of sustained chords instantly – unlike, say, with a Looper or Sampler.

There is also a whole ton of variable settings and multiple layer controls that will force you to explore completely new territories – such as combining up to 5 different notes or chords in real time, or building deep multi-layered drones using the WET only mode, just like Kurt Rosenwinkel is doing in this video.

Another really cool feature is the PLUS Pedal’s built-in effects loop that lets you assign any other effects pedal to the sustained channel only. This, combined with its two separated outputs, makes PLUS Pedal open field for experimentation with multiple signal chains, dual amps, additional effects units, etc.

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