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Review – COG Effect Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz

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Review – COG Effect Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz

Review – COG Effect Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz

While there are a lot of fuzz pedals available on the market for bassists nowadays, the Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz from COG Effects is a step above.

The Grand Tarkin can run clean or dirty, and I am sure you are wondering, why would you want to run clean on a fuzz pedal. Well it also offers tone and mid controls along with sustain. In addition it has two controls for clean and two controls for level, allowing for a blend. The level control is to adjust the amount of fuzz that you want. Why two channels? Because you can A/B, the channels with the foot switch. It is also true bypass and has a foot switch to engage/disengage the pedal.

The Grand Tarkin is housed in a die-cast aluminum box that will definitely withstand the rigors of the road. While some fuzz pedals seem to lose their “punch” when using fuzz, the Grand Tarkin keeps the punch and dynamics even when using fuzz at it’s highest level. I’ve enjoyed playing around with the pedal to see all the different tones it can make, both with and without fuzz.

Looking for a great fuzz pedal? Look no further than the COG Effect Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz. This and other great pedals offered online from COG Effects @

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