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Fender American Elite Precision 4-String Bass Review

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Fender American Elite Precision 4-String Bass Review

Fender American Elite Precision 4-String Bass Review

Another new entry from Fender is the Fender American Elite Precision 4-String Bass.

Fender has always made great products, especially basses, and a lot of the vintage Fender basses are still out there being worked hard every day. The American Elite Precision 4-String is one that will work hard for you everyday and will not disappoint.

You can’t get more American than the Fender basses, they are the cornerstone of the bass world. Fender claims that the American Elite Precision has a thunderous bass tone, and I would have to agree. Leaving the EQ on the amp flat, the bass did all the work.

A few of the many features that stood out for me right away were the ultra smooth finish of the back of the neck, practically like glass, and the weight is very comfortable at 9lbs.

The review bass had an Ash body with a 34” scale maple neck and 21 fret maple fingerboard with the neck having a modern C to D shape. The inlays on the fingerboard are black petaloid dots. The dual-action truss rod for the neck is no longer adjusted with the standard allen wrench adjustment that many are used to. Fender is using a heel mounted spoke wheel for truss rod adjustments on this bass. Besides being easier to adjust the neck, you don’t have to worry about stripping out the truss rod with the allen wrench, which can be pretty easy to do if you aren’t careful. The feel of the neck is not too bulky and not to thin, and just right. The nut material is bone.

The electronics of the Fender American Elite Precision Bass really make it shine. The configuration is PJ with the P pickup being the Elite Precision and the J pickup being the New 4th Generation Noiseless. Controls are volume, balance, treble boost/cut, midrange boost/cut, and bass boost/cut. The bass is 18volt active with the 3 band EQ and there is a toggle switch to switch from active to passive electronics. When in passive mode, only the volume, balance and passive tone control function. The bass and treble controls are stacked, as well as the midrange and passive tone controls.

All of the hardware is chrome with the bridge being the 4 Saddle HiMass bridge that allows you to place strings through the bridge or the body. The tuners are Fender “F” vintage paddle keys and the control knobs are knurled flat-top. Strings are Fender USA Nickel Plated Steel gauges .045 – .105.

The Fender American Elite Precision Bass comes with an ABS Elite Molded case with TSA locks and is available in a variety of finishes including: 3 color sunburst with rosewood fingerboard, black with maple fingerboard, champagne with ebony fingerboard, natural with maple fingerboard, ocean turquoise with maple fingerboard, Olympic white with rosewood fingerboard, and tobacco sunburst with maple fingerboard.

All of the bodies and front of the neck have gloss polyurethane finish and satin urethane for the back of the neck.

Check out the Fender American Elite Precision 4 String Bass online at a music retailer near you!

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