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Taylor GS Mini-e Bass Review

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Taylor GS Mini-e Bass Review

Taylor GS Mini-e Bass Review

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New from Taylor guitars is the Taylor GS Mini-e Bass!

I had quite a few experiences with small-scale basses and this one from Taylor is grand to say the least. As a matter of fact, GS is the abbreviation for Grand Symphony. The Taylor GS Mini-e Bass may seem like a toy, but it is far from that. While it’s a blast to play around the house, I used it for transcribing tunes for gigs, which was more comfortable than a standard size bass. I would also pick it up more often than not, and would be walking around the house jamming on it. This has to be one of the hardest basses to put back down!

Then came gig night, and with the on-board electronics, it was pounding out sound just like a full size acoustic bass. The tone, when using the on-board electronics, has some of that upright tone that most of us look for in an acoustic bass. I would recommend when playing live, as with most acoustic basses and guitars, to have a sound hole cover to prevent feedback.

The Taylor GS Mini-e Bass is 23 and 1/2 inch scale, which is just a little larger than other small series basses I have had experiences with. The scale seems more realistic and is easier to play in my opinion. The top wood is Sitka Spruce and the body woods are layered sapele. Layered sapele is an exterior and interior layer of sapele with a layer of popular in-between. Layered sapele can tolerate changes in humidity since I am sure that when you get your Taylor GS Mini-e Bass, you are going to want to travel with it. The f20 fret fingerboard is ebony completed with dot Italian acrylic inlays. Strings are specially made for the Taylor GS Mini by D’Addario and are the EXP PBB190GS.

Taylor has equipped the bass with the ES-B on-board electronics.  The ES-B is Taylor’s Expression System 2 Piezo design and has an onboard preamp with built in tuner. The controls for the ES-B are volume and tone and it is powered by two CR2032 batteries.

Included is a really nice soft case with more than ample padding and a pretty good size pocket that will hold cables, strings, straps, and more.

It is also available as left-handed too, at no additional charge!

This is a great starter bass for those of you that have children wanting to play bass, to others just starting out, and even pros that have been playing for years. It comes ready to play from the day you pick it up and will bring you quite a few years of enjoyment.

Be sure to check out the Taylor GS Mini-e Bass online or at a music retailer near you!


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