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Review – Aclam Smart Track S2 Pedalboard

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Review – Aclam Smart Track S2 Pedalboard

Review – Aclam Smart Track S2 Pedalboard

While there is no shortage of pedalboards on the market, there is always room for improvement when it comes to a board that lets you quickly and securely set set up your pedals.

Aclam, based in Barcelona, Spain, took on that challenge when they created an innovative pedalboard design that beautifully combines what may be the ultimate in flexibility and security.

Aclam’s Smart Track pedalboard is a sturdy anodized aluminum frame that features a series of parallel tracks. Rubber-coated fasteners move along those tracks and slide against the sides of your pedal, locking it in place. The fasteners act as a pivoting clamp to keep your pedal secure — no matter its size or shape. The company recommends using four fasteners per pedal, although I’ve used as few as two for smaller pedals like various mini tuners. The rubber-coated fasteners are easily locked in place with a few twists of a screwdriver.

The primary benefit of this system is the ease in which you can change your pedalboard configuration. While some bassists have specific effects they use night after night, others may have to change up for every gig. With the Smart Track system, you no longer have to cut zip ties or deal with the hair-magnet properties of Velcro. What took me 30 minutes to reconfigure with zip ties on my old board took me less than 10 with the Smart Track system.

In addition, the height of pedalboard’s rear feet are adjustable so you can angle the board to your preference.

The Smart Track pedalboards come in five sizes, ranging from the smaller 16.5” by 5.9” to 32.7” by 11.8”.

The modular system also offers a variety of extensions that enable to you expand your existing board and add a second, elevated platform. A handy extension is the power supply support that allows you to mount your power supply underneath the board. The power supply supports are currently available for the Fuel Tank Jr., Cioks DC10/AC10, and Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2. There are also two universal models that should cover the remaining power supply options.

For those who appreciate a neat and clean pedalboard, Aclam also offers the Tidy Cables accessory. Lay your cables in the tracks and use the Tidy Cables clip to keep them in place with the push of a finger.

Smart Track pedalboards include fasteners and a padded soft case with handles. Prices range from €79 (about $92 U.S) to €215 (about $250 U.S.). For more information, visit


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