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BandLab DAW and Link Audio Review

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BandLab DAW and Link Audio Review

BandLab is a great website for you to create music and collaborate with other musicians from practically anywhere in the world.

The DAW for BandLab is fully functional allowing you to import midi and wave files from the BandLab included library or upload your own, along with being able to record your instruments and vocals using either your own audio interface or one from BandLab, called Link Analog. (A little more on that later on in the review.)

BandLab can be used on any device from your PC, iPad, Tablet, and also iPhones and Android phones.

To top it off, BandLab is completely free to use. All you need to do to get going is to sign up and create an account, then start creating tracks. You can publish your tracks for others to collaborate with you, follow the path of the collaborations and hear what others have added.

When creating a track, you can use the BandLab virtual instruments, which includes piano, synth piano, bass, synth bass, strings, woodwinds, drum kit, and drum pads. With the built-in drum machine, you can use existing loops or create you own from 808 kits, jazz kits, rock kits, and more.

With BandLab instruments and the Drum Machine you can to add effects, including rooms reverbs, delays and more.

Adding voice and instruments is just as easy too. Loop packs that are included with BandLab are genres such as EDM, Bollywood Electric Pack, Synthwave Ultra Pack, Dubstep, RnB, Hip-Hop, Grime, Electronic Fusion, Funk, Minimal, Trap Pop, Organic Pop, Trip Hop Megapack, RnB Essentials, Trap Pop Fusion, Dubstep Essentials, and quite a few more packs for Rock, Jazz, and Cinematic creations.

Just as with any DAW, you can modify your creations at a later date, change effects and volume.

The DAW is very simple to use for anyone. Controls are rewind and fast-forward, play, and stop, and an overall volume control with separate volume controls for each track. The key you are in is displayed as well as tempo, time signature, and a metronome.

Another great feature is the audio stretch tech.

When using BandLab loops, all the loops can be adjusted for time and key signatures, which is really cool because you can write in any key or time signature and adjust the BandLab loop to match what you need.

Once your creation is finished, you can download and publish to BandLab either as a finished work or for others to collaborate with you.

I mentioned earlier that you can record vocals and instruments and what makes BandLab even more mobile is the Link Analog. This is a mobile audio interface that is rechargeable and can be taken anywhere with you to record with your mobile device! Not only does BandLab work with the BandLab DAW, it also works great with any other mobile DAW that you can install on your mobile devices. Link Analog is very simple with one gain control and one input for XLR or 1/4” connections. The three connections in the back of Link Analog are for a connection to your mobile device, another to connect speakers or headphones, and the USB connection for recharging the Link Analog.

BandLab has come up with a great way to create music no matter where you are and collaborate with others!

Be sure to checkout BandLab and BandLab Link Audio.

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