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Bunny Brunel LTD BB-1004 Signature 4-String Bass Review

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If I had to choose one word for the Bunny Brunel LTD BB-1004 Signature 4-String it would be – beautiful! – Beautiful in looks, tone, and playability.

The LTD BB-1004 is Bass 2.0, having ‘everything you need for anything and everything’ bass!

Let’s start off with Bunny Brunel himself.

Bunny has played with numerous Jazz greats such as Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Stevie Wonder, and many others.

The Bunny Brunel LTD BB-1004 Signature is a true workhorse of a bass and was designed with working bassists in mind.

The tone is clean, punchy, and defined. Playability is second to none. The 34” three-piece maple asymmetrical neck with the neck thru configuration is sleek and fast, not too thin, just right and made complete with a 24 fret Ebony fingerboard. The tone is a combination of the alder body with a quilted maple top, along with Aguilar passive pickups and the Aguilar OBP-3EQ 3 band EQ. The bridge pickup is the Aguilar 4J HC and the neck pickup is the Aguilar MM.

Bunny Brunel shares…

“ESP really did a fantastic job copying my bass design that I originally made for Gibson in 1986, plus the electronics and pickups are from Aguilar… Just Fantastic!”

Controls are volume, balance, stacked control for bass and treble, and one mid control. The tuners are Hipshots, with an extender for the E string with the bridge being the Hipshot A style.

A lot of things can factor into how a bass sounds and the two main things are woods and pickups.

Bunny Brunel and LTD have come up with an extremely nice bass with beautiful tone. One thing I noticed about the construction, not only being neck thru, but the fact that the neck is only three pieces. This not only contributes to tone, it also offers more stability in the neck to allow for fewer adjustments down the road. Yes, weather changes can affect a neck, but a lot of it also depends on the neck itself and it’s construction. Also, the fact that the neck is 3-piece maple is somewhat of a rarity, as most necks are single or 5-piece.

To accent the bass even more, the finish is see thru black sunburst with all hardware being black.

Check out the Bunny Brunel LTD BB-1004 Signature 4-String Bass at a music retailer near you!

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