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Power Chords for Bass!

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Power Chords for Bass!

Power Chords are one of many favorite chords to play on bass because they are so versatile!

They can be used to create a quick change in a bass line or to create whole songs.

These three noted chords are comprised of the root, 5th and octave. They are written with the note name and a 5 after it. (Ex. A5; F#5)

These can be used with any type of scale because they are not comprised of any specific scale.

I have found these to be used a lot in rock and metal music.but that’s not to say it isn’t utilized anywhere else. I have incorporated these chords in my own songs and when I transpose other music.

I have used Black Sabbath and DIO as examples of artists that have utilized power chords in their songs.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate power chords?

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