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SIT Silencers Semi-Flat Compression Wound Strings Review

Looking for the right strings for our fretless bass without damaging that beautiful fretboard? Look no further that the SIT Silencers Semi-Flat Compression Wound Strings.

The idea behind any compression wound string, especially for fretless, is to give you the growl of a round wound without any damage being done to the fretboard. While quite a few fretless basses are made with ebony boards, there are even more made nowadays with rosewood boards. Regular round wounds can do significant damage to a rosewood fingerboard in a short amount of time, and even to ebony over a longer period of time, from leaving marks in the fingerboard to actual grooves to where the fingerboard has to be repaired or even replaced. The SIT Silencers Semi-Flat Compression Wound Strings are Nickel plated steel over a hex-core and SIT uses the process of inverse string winding, which compresses the outer part of the cover wrap.

For this evaluation, I didn’t just want to install the strings and hurry up and do a review, instead I wanted to use the strings over a few months. After countless gigs I am happy to report that I still get that round wound fretless growl that everyone, or almost everyone, loves and with no damage to the rosewood fingerboard.

As a matter of fact, quite a few artists that play fretless use the SIT Silencers Semi-Flat Compression Wound Strings. One of the greats that we lost recently that used them was Jack Bruce (in addition to him using the RB series). The SIT Silencers Semi-Flat Compression Wound Strings were developed for Jack Bruce, as he wanted a string that would still get the growl without damaging the rosewood fingerboard on his basses. Another artist that uses these strings is Eric Holden, who has worked with such artists as Shakira, The BoDeans, Leehom Wang, and Josh Groban.

All SIT Strings are handcrafted at their factory in Akron, Ohio and they have been making strings since 1980 and doing them one at a time. SIT realizes that strings are a very important part of a musician’s sound and they are always open to feedback and suggestions.

The SIT Silencers Semi-Flat Compression Wound Strings are available in 4, 5 and 6-string sets, with 4-strings sets available in extra light, light, medium light and medium. The 5 and 6-string sets are available in light.

Check out the SIT Silencers Semi-Flat Compression Wound Strings and other great strings from SIT available online from SIT and at a music retailer near you!

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