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BASS LINES: “Out of Touch”

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing!

Welcome to Bass Lines – So grab your bass and let’s play!

This month, I have a very special rock fusion bass line for you, with some progressive elements too.  The riff is strictly based on the B Blues scale (B-D-E-F-F # -G-A) and it has a heavier sound as well.  It is on a 12/8 meter, so it has a shuffle feel that gives a lot of strength and power to the groove.  The quarter dotted note it is played at 120bpm.  Be careful with the tied notes.

Song: “Out of Touch”

Bass Player: Jaime David Vazquez – JDV

Label: Hammer Tone Records (2018)

Fig. 1 – Through this bassline there are some cool techniques, like accents, hammer-ons and slides out of downwards.

See you next month for more #fullbassattack in the next issue of BMM and keep in touch with #bassmusicianmag, #basslines, #jdv, #groovingtheworld, #groovewars and #groovingthenation.

Thank you for all your support and feel free to comment. Keep GROOVING!



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