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Vintage Reissued V96 4 and 5-String Active Basses Review

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Vintage Reissued V96 4 and 5-String Active Basses Review

The Vintage Reissued V96 4-String and 5-String Active Basses are both similar in many ways.

Both are classic in the style of the Music Man basses and perform and sound just like the classics of years gone by. With the powerful double coil pickups and 3-band EQ, you can produce sounds and tones all the way from quiet and subtle to thunderous.

Both Vintage Reissued V96 bass bodies are constructed from Eastern Poplar with a bolt on 21 fret maple neck and fingerboard. The tuners and bridge are both Wilkinson designed with the bridge being fully adjustable, and the tuners being Wilkinson WJBL200 with a 1:20 tuning ratio. All of the hardware is chrome. The pickups are double coils with the 5-string being a Wilkinson WSM5 and the WSM4 for the 4-string version. Both have large pole pieces with ceramic magnets for those thick and funky bass tones. The 3-band EQ is the Wilkinson Active EQ bass system. This EQ system provides 12dB boost/cut ± 5kHz for bass tone,12dB boost/cut ± 2kHz for the mids, and 12dB boost/cut ± 100Hz for treble. The EQ for both basses is powered by a 9-volt battery.

The Vintage Reissued V96 5-string is available with a flamed tobacco sunburst finish and the V96 4-string is available in sunset sunburst, natural and black finishes, reminiscent of the basses from years gone by. Both the 4-string and 5-string active basses are true bass powerhouses that will stand out for your performances and provide years of enjoyment.

Check out the Vintage Reissued V96 4-string and 5-string Active Basses at a music retailer near you.

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