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BASS LINES: “Two-Octave Major Scale Shapes”

Jaime David Vazquez

Bass Edu

BASS LINES: “Two-Octave Major Scale Shapes”

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing!

The two-octave scale shapes are essential for all the bass players, it doesn’t matter if you are playing a supporting role or playing solos.

For scaling the second octave, left-hand fingering is crucial. This will require a shift in position.

Below we have two examples of the two-octave scale shapes: “The Major Scale” and “The Major Pentatonic Scale.”

Remember to practice them slowly, the speed will come with steady repetition. Practice these shapes with a metronome or a drum machine and feel free to practice them in quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes.

Fig. 1 – The Two-Octave Major Scale Shape:

Fig. 2 – The Two-Octave Major Pentatonic Scale Shape:

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