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PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface

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PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface

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PreSonus, the top of the line in Audio Interfaces, Mixers, Control Surfaces, and many more has released the PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface.

The PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface is perfect for those that have home studios and want the top of the line gear at an affordable price that will do the job!

The Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface is capable of sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz and clock source can be internal or S/PDIF. Both the Sample Rate and Clock Source can be changed with the Universal Control software. The input and output are both 24 bit with 6 inputs and 8 outputs, including the stereo headphone out and S/PDIF digital I/O.

I used the PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface from everything to recording, and just using it as an audio interface connected to my studio monitors, and it sounds absolutely amazing. The setup is very easy, and as I only run MAC and can’t speak for Windows, the PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface was plug and play, ready to go right out of the box; I am quite confident the same would be for Windows. The Windows ASIO driver is available for download from your PreSonus account, as well as the Universal Control installer for MAC. Universal Control includes the drivers, and you also can download it from the website at While Studio One Artist is included with the PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface, the interface also works with other audio applications too.

Let’s talk about connections…

On the PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface front panel, there are 2 mic/line/instrument inputs, which are equipped with XMAX solid state mic preamps with a class A input buffer and dual-servo gain stage. This will give you up to the 192kHz and 115dB on both input and output.

There are also 2 mic/line inputs on the back panel and these also have XMAX mic preamps.

All of the inputs accept 1/4” or XLR connectors.

The input source button can be used to change between line and instrument levels just for the first two inputs. A line-level connection would be a CD player, synth, etc. PreSonus recommends that if you use an external device such as a preamp or active instruments to use the line input instead of the inst input. The inst input should be used for passive instruments only such as bass or guitar. There is a 48V button that provides phantom power to condenser mics. Also on the front panel are the LED meters for inputs one through four and two for main level, being left and right channels. There is a sync LED that has a USB symbol next to it. When it is lit up blue, then the PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface is synced with your PC/MAC.

The direct monitor button, when lit, plays the audio from your computer and input source, when it is not lit, you will only hear what is coming from your computer.

This enables you to monitor your input without the latency that happens when you monitor through your computer. The Cue A/B button allows you to switch between playback of stream 1 and 2, and 3 and 4. The headphone jack is on the back panel and controlled by the headphone level knob on he front panel. There are four separate controls for input level, one for each input from -15 to +65 dB inputs and -20 to +20dB on the inputs. The last control on the front panel is the Main control, which controls the stereo outputs on the back of the unit with a range of -80 to 0db.

The PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface rear panel, in addition to what was previously mentioned, has the Main left and right outputs, two additional line outs, and USB 2.0 connection to your computer and power connection. PreSonus includes a breakout MIDI and S/PDIF cable with the PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface.

PreSonus also includes Studio One Artist with the PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface.

Studio One Artist is a complete recording package and comes with multitude of content to get you started quickly on recording and producing music. Everything is included from demos and tutorials to virtual instruments and audio loops. In addition to Studio One Artist, you also get the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite, which includes the Eventide 910 Harmonizer and 2016 Stereo Room, Lexicon MPX-i Reverb, Arturia Analog Lab Lite, and Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx_opto, SPL Attacker and Maag Audio EQ2.

My thoughts?

PreSonus is providing you with a great package with the Studio 6|8 and Studio One Artist at a price that can’t be beat and will have you up and recording and producing music in no time! In addition to home studio use, and I should mention great portability if you are a traveling musician, this is also great for podcasts and Das as well.

Check out the PreSonus Studio 6|8 USB Audio Interface along with Studio One Artist at a music retailer near you!

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