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Hal Leonard Releases App for Josquin Des Pres’ Bass Fitness


Hal Leonard Releases App for Josquin Des Pres’ Bass Fitness

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For over 40 years, composer, bassist, and author Josquin Des Pres has been a major player in the music industry.

From producing, writing and appearing on songs for artists like Gipsy Kings and Jack Johnson, to writing musical scores for popular TV shows like Ellen, Oprah, Tyra, and American Idol, his music is well known throughout the world.

Des Pres, however, may be most well-known for his impactful contributions to the music instruction world. Having written 18 books, including books for aspiring musicians with advice on the music industry and different careers available in music, his most successful are ones on bass and guitar instruction, including Bass Fitness and Guitar Fitness. These two successful instructional books provide bass and guitar players with a variety of finger exercises to develop techniques to be successful in music today, and to help musicians increase speed, improve dexterity, develop accuracy and promote finger independence. Now, after more than 25 years since the original Bass Fitness premiered, Hal Leonard is happy to present the Bass Fitnessand Guitar Fitness apps.

The Bass Fitness and Guitar Fitness apps bring the variety of finger exercises into a digital format that is easy to follow, even for non-tech savvy users.

Presented in a chronological format, users will move up chromatically in half steps through the exercises until they’ve mastered the fretboard exercises. Each exercise in the apps also features a Transport panel below it, allowing the user to listen to the exercise as it should be played, while allowing the user to then record themselves while playing the exercise. From the Table of Contents section, users are able to track their progress through the app exercises.

The Bass Fitness app is available for $6.99, while the Guitar Fitness app is available for $4.99. Both apps are available for iOS.

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