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Rachel Eckroth’s Releases New Single, “Dark Waters” with Bass/Producer Tim Lefebvre

Rachel Eckroth’s new single, “Dark Waters”, will be released on May 30.  The track is the first song revealed from the album When It Falls, which was produced by Tim Lefebvre and is due out in September 2018.

“Dark Waters” is a dark and moody track that features Eckroth’s talent to probe emotions through her vocal performance.  On “Dark Waters” she showcases her abilities, flowing from smoky and restrained verses, to cutting refrains, to a floating, ethereal outro.

Eckroth comments, “’Dark Waters’ is a song that explores the inner conflict between oneself and what one imagines they should be. Its cinematic textures help tell the story of a girl being overlooked for what she is, and in response, she tries to be someone else.”

Her performance is haunting as it drifts across a mesmerizing, swirling soundscape created by Lefebvre (bass), Doyle Bramhall II (guitar), Matt Chamberlain (drums), and Eckroth’s own work on keys.  Regarding the performance, Lefebvre says, “I wanted to capture a David Lynch-esque vibe for Rachel to create over. I love what Doyle and Matt brought to the song. They both did their creative thing which helped elevate the song. And Rachel’s tone and approach are perfect.”

“Dark Waters” will be available on iTunes and other streaming services.  Full details about “Dark Waters”, When It Falls, and Eckroth’s performances can be found online:

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