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Bass Lines: “Slash Chords – Part I”

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing!

This month we will cover the slash chords. What is a slash chord?

A slash chord is a notated chord(C), slash(/), and a bass note(E).

For example: C/E

The chord symbol is written to the left of the slash and the note to be played in the bass is written to the right.

They can be used to write chord symbols for inverted chords.

· This applies to major and minor chords.

For Example: C/E, C/G, Am/C, Am/E, etc.

Fig. 1 – Slash Major Chords

The 1st Inversion is written:

· C/E – C major with E in the bass

The 2nd Inversion is written:

· C/G – C major with G in the bass

Fig. 2 – Slash Minor Chords

The 1st Inversion is written:

• Am/C – A minor with C in the bass

The 2nd Inversion is written:

• Am/E – A minor with E in the bass

See you next month for more #fullbassattack in the next issue of BMM and keep in touch with #bassmusicianmag, #basslines, #jdv, #groovingtheworld, #musicmatters, #groovewars and #groovingthenation.

Thank you for all your support and feel free to comment. Keep GROOVING!


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