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Bassist Ian Ainsworth News… The Quick Reissued Mondo Deco

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Bassist Ian Ainsworth News… The Quick Reissued Mondo Deco

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The Quick Reissued Mondo Deco, Featuring Bassist Ian Ainsworth…

The Los Angeles mid-seventies post glam, pre-punk, power-pop band The Quick re-issued their 1976 Mercury Records debut Mondo Deco as an expanded edition on Real Gone Music. This will be the first time the album has ever been released on CD.

Mondo Deco’s original 10 tracks were produced by Kim Fowley and Earle Mankey (original Sparks guitarist and also engineer) at the Beach Boys’ Brother Studios. The Expanded Edition is now a jam packed 21 tracks and features those tracks newly remastered by Bill Inglot plus an additional 10 demos (which got them signed to Mercury Records) and an unreleased bonus track. The package also includes a track-by-track commentary by band member Danny Benair, extensive liner notes by The Quick fan-club President (and Frontier Records head honcho Lisa Fancher), a new essay on the bands legacy and never-before-seen archival photos.

Mondo Deco track listing is as follows:

  1. Its Won’t Be Long
  2. No No Girl
  3. Playtime
  4. Hillary
  5. Anybody
  6. Hi-Lo
  7. Rag Doll
  8. Last in Line
  9. My Purgatory Years
  10. Don’t You Want It
  11. No No Girl (Mercury Demo)
  12. Teacher’s Pet (Mercury Demo)
  13. Hi-Lo (Mercury Demo)
  14. Hillary (Mercury Demo)
  15. Rag Doll (Mercury Demo)
  16. My Purgatory Years (Mercury Demo)
  17. It Won’t Be Long (Mercury Demo)
  18. Heaven on Earth (Mercury Demo)
  19. Born Free (Mercury Demo)
  20. Don’t You Want It (Mercury Demo)
  21. Anybody (Unreleased Outtake)

“We are really thrilled to be releasing The Quick’s debut album as an expanded edition,” said Gordon Anderson, Co-President of Real Gone Music.

“It’s just hard to believe it took this long to be reissued before this as it’s such a key album in L.A. rock history. There is a unique mixture of glam, power pop, and punk…add to that the illustrious achievements of the various band members and Mondo Deco really is the missing link in the evolution of Southern California rock and roll.”

Rising from the smog encrusted, sun baked San Fernando Valley, The Quick only existed for three short years (1975-1978) but in that time band members Steven Hufsteter (guitar) and Danny Benair (drums), Ian Ainsworth (bass), Danny Wilde (vocals) and Billy Bizeau (keyboards) managed to carve out a rabid fan base who could were looking for a band that could ‘break down the walls between AM and FM radio’ as Lisa Fancher mentions in her liner notes. It’s no wonder that each went on greater heights in music as Hufsteter, who wrote most of The Quick material went on to form the seminal Los Angeles band The Cruzados, Wilde and Ainsworth formed the band Great Buildings, Wilde then formed The Rembrandts who co-wrote and sang the song “I’ll Be There for You” which was the theme song for the hit NBC sitcom Friends, Bizeau went on to write “Queens of Noise” for The Runaways and Benair went on to fame behind the kit in bands like The Weirdos and The Three O’Clock.

The Quick’s Mondo Deco available at

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