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Grooving with Hybrid Techniques by Enrico Galetta

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Grooving with Hybrid Techniques by Enrico Galetta

Bass player, composer and educator Enrico Galetta brings you Grooving with Hybrid Techniques…

This is an intelligent book that is suitable for beginner, advanced and all players that wish to go deeper with their bass skills.

The book is a complete guide to learning and refining the following techniques: Flamenco Slap, Double Thumb, Classical Slap, Muting Bass and the Hybrid Style. It features nine chapters with 100 exercises and 72 audio samples (on included CD).

Enrico Galetta splits his time between Bologna and Atlanta.

As a bandleader, sideman and composer, he has played on stages across Europe and the US, and recorded and toured with many high-profile artists. His debut solo album is “48 Hour Odyssey.” In Grooving with Hybrid Techniques, Enrico shows you how to learn or improve your bass skills through a series of specific exercises. It will help you to apply 72 grooves across the fretboard and keep up with the best of players. Most importantly, it will help you to understand how to merge all the techniques and create your own hybrid bass style.

Written in standard notation (no TAB). 56 pages.

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