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Tech 21 dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X Review

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Tech 21 dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X Review

I always have the highest respect for anything coming from Tech 21, as do many other bassists.

Their products are an industry standard and I see bassists using them all the time. My SansAmp Bass Driver DI has been with me for many years and has stood the test of time, and that is just a testimony to Tech 21 products and their durability. In addition to the SansAmp Bass Driver, I’ve also found the Bass Fly Rig to be an essential part of my rig. The latest entry from Tech 21 is just amazing, and who better to collaborate with than dUg Pinnick.

Through this effort, Tech 21 has recently introduced the Tech 21 dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X, which is an adaptation of his Tech 21 Ultra Bass 1000 Signature head.

The dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X can be used as either a pre-amp or stomp box and is great for both live and recording. There is a 1/4” input and 1/4” output along with a balanced XLR output. Along with the XLR output is a ground switch. I’ve used the DP-3X along with an amp as a stomp box and as a preamp on gigs where amps are not permitted and you go directly to the board. It worked great for every application and met my needs.

There are two modes of operation, one being clean and the other being mix mode. When mix mode is engaged, it engages the chunk and drive, which gives you that dUg Pinnick gnarly sound that he is known for.

The controls for the dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X are a Gain switch, which gives you a 10dB boost, and dUg keeps this engaged at all times.

The Drive controls the amount of gain and overdrive, kind of like a tube amp. The Comp is based on all analog FET based technology, which is warmer and adjusting the control allows you to go from soft based compression to infinite sustain. The EQ section has adjustments for Highs, Mids, and Lows. and allows for +/- 18dB for each. Along with the Mid control is a Mid Shift switch, which lets you choose between 325Hz and 700Hz. When the Mid Shift switch is engaged, it is at 325Hz. The control that works along with the Drive when mix mode is engaged is the Chunk. Chunk gives you the control over the level of high-end distortion and works along with the Drive for the amount of distortion that you want. The Volume controls adjust your output level.

The DP-3X also comes equipped with a chromatic tuner and a headphone output switch.

It is powered by an included power adapter and is setup for US, however, there are prongs that are included for Europe, UK and Australia/New Zealand. For all it does, it is very compact and will fit right in your gig bag or hard case easily.

Personally, I use both the Bass Fly Rig and the dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X as they are both different, each unique in their own way, and they are now an essential part of my rig.

Check out the Tech 21 dUg Pinnick Signature DP-3X at a Tech 21 music retailer near you or online at

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