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The Groove Wars – The Odd Meter Challenge!

Hello bass players and fans of bass playing! Welcome to Groove Wars – The Odd Meter Challenge!

I hope that you can enjoy this and learn a lot about great BASS LINES!

This month, I’m going to make just for fun, a groove battle between Pink Floyd’s “Money” versus Rush’s “Freewill.”

Both songs are great masterpieces. So, get ready! This is an odd meter challenge. So, turn on your metronome, grab your bass and PLAY! YOU DECIDE! Which one is the best? ENJOY AND LEARN!

Artist: Pink Floyd

  • Composer: Roger Waters
  • Song: “Money”
  • Bass Player: Roger Waters
  • Album: The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)


Artist: Rush

  • Composers: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
  • Song: “Freewill”
  • Bass Player: Geddy Lee
  • Album: Permanent Waves (1980)

Fig. 1 – The main groove for “Money.”

Fig. 2a – The main groove for “Freewill.”

Fig. 2b – Here’s another way that you can read the same groove. Check out the 6/4 and the 7/4 odd meter.

See you next month for more #fullbassattack in the next issue of BMM and keep in touch with #bassmusicianmag, #basslines, #jdv, #groovingtheworld, #musicmatters, #groovewars and #groovingthenation.

Thank you for all your support and feel free to comment. Keep GROOVING!

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