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Ultimate Ears UE6 Review

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Ultimate Ears UE6 Review

Review of the Ultimate Ears UE6

The Ultimate Ears UE6 in-ear monitors, made for drummers and bass players, really keep the outside ‘noise’ out, enhance the bass, and provide punky and tight kicks, just what we need as bass players for in-ear monitors.

These are great for recording and live situations and I have even used them just as you would use normal headphones while listening to tunes. One of the gigs I play requires in-ear monitors and the Ultimate Ears UE6 did the job and did it very well. The venue does provided a wireless pack and there were no issues with that either. I really like the idea that these block outside interference so you can concentrate on getting doing the best performance possible. The UE6 are custom fit for each individual and this is my second pair of Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors with the others being the UE4, along with the UE Pro Sound Tap Personal Monitoring Box; please be sure to check out that review as well.

The Ultimate Ears UE6, like I mentioned before, enhances the bass, making it warmer.

This is accomplished by the hybrid design, which allows for 3 way output being highs, mids, and lows, and Ultimate Ears holds the first patent for hybrid in-ear monitors. The patented triple bore design keeps the frequencies separate until they get to your eardrum. Just listening to tunes, you can really hear the difference with the UE6’s. They have an input sensitivity of 102.5 dB at 1 Khz, or 1 milliwatt with the frequency response being between 5 Hz and 22 kHz. When I mentioned these reducing outside ‘noise’ I wasn’t kidding with a noise isolation of -26 dB. The speaker configuration is 2 6mm neodymium speakers with 1 true tune balanced amature and a 3-way crossover.

The Ultimate Ears, with their custom fit, really just slide right into place in your ears and stay snug throughout the entire time you are wearing them.

Each set of Ultimate Ears UE6’s come with a personalized carrying case and cleaning tool. If ever you should damage the cable, replacement cables are available along with a lot of other great accessories for your Ultimate Ears UE6 in-ear monitors.

Check out an Ultimate Ears retailer near you to get custom fitted for your in-ear monitors or check out the Ultimate Ears website on how you can get fitted from their handy guide!

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