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Review – Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH

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Review – Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH

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Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH Review…

Fender has just released some new basses under the Squier name and they are outstanding! All of the Squier instruments are designed at the same R&D facility as the Fender instruments and are high quality. I know that a lot of bassists get the Squier basses because they are easy to mod, but let me tell you, with the new Squier basses, mods are not necessary, these are hot and ready to go!

The Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH that was sent for review is a 4-string with a matte black polyester finish, which is also available in flat white, and matching painted headstock to go along with the color of the bass. A 5-string version is also available in gloss black. The body is the Jazz Bass shape constructed of Ash wood. The 12” radiused neck is maple ”C” shaped topped off with a 20-fret maple fingerboard with dot inlays.

The new electronics really stand out as they are Squier SQR Ceramic Humbuckers for the neck and bridge positions.

The controls are master volume, balance, tone, and a stacked bass and treble boost control. All of this is powered by a Squier 9-volt active preamp.

One of the new features that stands out for me is the bass and treble boost controls. I really love the bass boost control as it gives a nice clean low bottom end punch to the overall tone of the bass.

All of the hardware has a beautiful black chrome finish with the tuners being the open gear type, and the bridge being more modern giving better tone and resonance.

The Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH is ready for the studio or the road and is available as a four string or five string at a price that everyone will love. Check out the new Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH online or at a Fender Retailer near you!

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